Invitation to Engage in Post-Conference Dialogue and to Listen to Audio Recordings of Sessions

WISR’s 3rd annual conference is now over, and now, and over the next couple of weeks, we will begin to use this blog site to: 1) post audio recordings of the conference sessions, 2) share some photos from the conference, and 3) most importantly, invite comments and dialogue from participants as well as from those who couldn’t attend, but who can still listen to the audio recordings and then add their comments to the recordings and what others post by way of remarks on this blog.

Forty-one (41) people participated in one or more sessions of the conference, and all sessions had at least 25 participants.  This includes 18 currently enrolled students (just slightly less than half of our student body), 5 alumni, 10 faculty (a great majority of our faculty), 3 of the 5 community members of our Board of Trustees, 5 friends of WISR from the larger community,  5 prospective students, and three significant others of WISR participants.  People traveled here from:  Vancouver, China (2!), Detroit, Kansas, New Mexico, Colorado, Oregon, and Southern California, Eureka and Placerville.  We are not only culturally diverse, we are geographically diverse!

It will take another few days to edit and fine-tune the quality of the recordings of the last half of the conference.  However, to get the “ball rolling,” we are now posting the audio recordings of the first four sessions from Friday the 26th on the page on this blog entitled, “Conference Program and Schedule.”

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We’re looking forward to WISR’s 3rd Annual Conference!

Welcome!  This blog is devoted to information, posts and comments about WISR’s upcoming 3rd annual conference, Thursday evening, August 25 through Saturday evening, August 27.  We’re really looking forward to this year’s conference.  We expect about 50 participants–students, faculty, Board, alumni, prospective students and friends of WISR.  We anticipate that there will be 15 to 25 participants in most sessions, and we already have indications from members of the WISR community that people will be traveling here from such places as Boston, New Orleans, Detroit, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Vancouver, Nigeria and China.

Please take a look at our conference program and schedule, and feel free to make comments or posts on this blog about ideas for the conference prior to August 25.   Then. during and after the conference, please use this blog to share your insights, questions, thoughts and planned activities that result from the conference.

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